Support3 Rewards Program



Insco’s Contractor Rewards Program

Support is designed to reward our loyal customers for purchasing preferred supplier products. We understand the impact that quality training & tools can have upon your business, so our rewards program is designed to make them both accessible & affordable to our Support members. In addition to training and tools, we also want to reward our Support members with vacations & travel. Members will be able to apply their points towards airfare, lodging, cruises and more throughout the year. Insco truly believes we have the best products, service & people in the industry. This program is an added layer of support and represents the overall level of service we strive for everyday.

Support Program Guidelines:
1. Contractor account must be current & in good standing to access
points or enroll in Support
2. Program is effective January 1 through December 1, 2018
3. Support members must re-enroll yearly
4. Points made available February 1, 2018
5. Points expire December 15, 2018
6. Additional restrictions may apply
7. Program subject to change


How are points earned?

+ 1 point per $100 of participating supplier purchases
+ Points expire December 15, 2018 and must be redeemed prior to this date.
+ Non-stock and special orders do not qualify
+ Points begin accruing upon registration date

How do I redeem my points?

+ Support points are reflected on Insco account
+ Rewards redeemed with Insco marketing department
+ Register for Insco technical training with your points
+ Register & Redeem online at:

Use Your Support Points on-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Insco Technical Training
Insco Course Fees

+ Pay with your points when registering
+ Claim back after paying to receive a credit to your Insco account
+ Training subject to availability
+ Claims must be submitted within 30 days of invoice or documentation

Travel Credits
Travel, Vacations & Lodging

+ Excludes: food, drinks, entertainment
+ Subject to approval
+ Taxes & fees not included
+ Claims must be submitted within 30 days of invoice or documentation

Tool Bucks
Qualifying Instruments & Tools

+ Must claim back with Insco Marketing Dept.
+ Redeemable for instruments & tools only
+ Claims must be submitted within 30 days of invoice or documentation
+ Invoices may only be submitted once
+ Returned tools not eligible for rewards
+ Taxes not included

Or complete the form below and send to: or take to local branch:

Redemption Form