Troubleshooting The Refrigerant System


1300 Minters Chapel Suite 500
Grapevine, TX 76051


April 25, 2018


From 8:00 am to 12:00 pm


The information in this class applies to both air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Learn the value and application of superheat, subcooling, saturation, condenser TD, evaporator TD and how to use these readings for accurate diagnosis of any type of system's operation. Insco Certificate and NATE Continuing Education Credits available.

  • Learn the basics of the refrigerant cycle
  • Learn where to measure and how to calculate superheat, subcooling, evaporator TD and condenser TD
  • Learn what the normal measurements are for air conditioning, low temperature, and medium temperature refrigeration systems
  • Learn how to charge a fixed orifice system using target superheat
  • Learn how to charge a TXV equipped system using subcooling

Continental breakfast provided
Manual & Course Materials provided

Contact Larry Brewer for more information: 512-298-8038



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