VFD Hot Gas Bypass System


2403 Freedom drive
San Antonio, TX 78217


March 7, 2018


From 8:00 am to 12:00 pm


This Reheat with Variable Frequency Drive Technology course combines two unique courses into one in-depth class. The Variable Frequency Drive aspect of the training takes a hard look at the longstanding process of adjusting indoor blower motor operation by varying the electrical frequency at which the motor operates. Covered in this section is the sequence of operation, control processes, configuration, and servicing procedures.  The Reheat portion delves into the very technical aspect of using hot compressor gas for dehumidifying commercial buildings without overcooling the occupied space. The process is often referred to in the industry as Hot Gas Reheat. This section covers system sequence of operation, refrigeration process, refrigeration controls, equipment commissioning, service procedures, and how varying indoor airflow aids in the dehumidification process. Insco Certificate & NATE Continuing Education Credits available.

Free Continental Breakfast

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