York Commercial Controls SSE


14820 North Freeway Ste 500 Houston
Houston, TX 77090


March 8, 2018


From 8:30 am to 5:00 pm


This class will help to familiarize you with the new control board being put into nearly all of the York Commercial systems above 5 ton. It will show you component connection points, basic wiring characteristics, backup, restore, and clone functions. Along with this you will also learn about setting navigation via the board as well as using the MAP gateway, updating the firmware, MAP gateway access login and navigation, economizer board connections, 4-stage expansion board, temperature control options, and settings for different system types. Included will also be hands-on classroom exercises and troubleshooting of the boards and components or simulated components. Insco Certificate available. 

Continental breakfast & lunch Included
Manual & Course Materials provided

Contact Shawn Craig for more information: 713-447-3972


$100 (SAVE $5 by registering online!)